Eric’s live sex cam adventure with Squirt Queen – Part 2

Part 2 (click here for part 1)


In the meantime, the girl gets up on her knees on the bed and starts rubbing her hands over her boobs and then goes to the back to unleash her boobs. She has the most beautiful pair of tits that Eric has ever seen. They are big and round and her nipples are pink and hard. You can see that she’s also turned on because she starts rubbing her nipples and even squeeze them now and then. Eric starts rubbing his hard throbbing dick, even though the girl told him not to.

“You know I can see you, right? I told you not to rub it. I guess, I’ll have to punish you now”, the girl says then.
“Please no, don’t punish me. I’ll be good now”, Eric begs, but the girl wouldn’t listen.

She turns around so he cannot see her boobs anymore and bends over. Her beautiful round ass makes Eric want to rub his dick again, but this time he decides to listen and resist the urge. The girl rubs her hands over her ass and even slaps it now and then. She squeezes her fat ass hard and then looks back at the webcam.

“You liking this big booty?” she asks.
“Yes goddess, you have the most beautiful big ass I’ve ever seen. I wish I could come and kiss it myself”, Eric answers. He still resists the urge to rub his big dick, and the girl notices.

sex short story“I guess you’ve been good now, not rubbing your dick. I’ll let you rub it now, but you can only cum when I tell you so.”

“Okay goddess.”
The girl turns around and slowly starts taking off her thongs, revealing her delicious pussy. She puts her fingers in her mouth one by one and then starts rubbing her clit in front of him. Eric has never seen a girl do this especially for him, so he is pretty excited. He starts rubbing his dick really fast and gasp for breath. The girl starts groaning and is really into her self-pleasing. She decides to sit back against the bed and spread her legs, so he can look right into her pussy.

“Do you like toys?” She asks.
“Sure I do”, Eric answers quickly.
The girl takes a big vibrator and turns it on. She goes over her hard nipples with it and then over her belly to her pussy and pushes it in with one fast movement. She groans loudly and Eric can imagine how that vibrator would’ve been his dick shoving into her pussy. The girl shoves the vibrator in her pussy with fast thrusts and Eric starts rubbing his dick at the same rhythm as the vibrator enters her pussy.

“Goddess, I want to cum. I don’t know can I hold it much longer”, Eric says.
“Hold it!” she yells.

She pushes the vibrator deeper and harder in her pussy and with her other hand, she grabs and squeezes her boobs hard. She bites her lip and groans hard. Her legs are starting to shake and after a while she takes out the vibrator, and continues to rub her clit with her wet fingers. Then, not soon after she squirts a whole lot on the bed and right onto the camera. The girl is shaken and is still enjoying her orgasm, but soon recovers. She crawls towards the webcam and licks off the liquid. Looking straight into the camera she says: “You can cum now, baby.”
It doesn’t take much for Eric. Just those words were what he was waiting for. He leans back and cums all over his belly.

“I hope you enjoyed our session”, the girl says.
“I sure did,” Eric answers, “I might even come back another time tomorrow.”
“That would be great. See you then”, the girl says. She blows a kiss and Eric is back on the main chat. He thinks back on the session and his dick gets instantly hard again. He’s certainly going to go back to this girl again.

The End