Eric’s live sex cam adventure with Squirt Queen – Part 1


After a long work day, Eric would come home exhausted. He would take off his shoes and pants, and sit in the couch to relax a bit. After that, he decides to do what he always does in the evening. He sits down at his desk, lights up his computer and searches his favorite live sex webcam website. He scrolls through the many girls and finds the one he likes: Squirt Queen. He immediately connects to her chat and sees the pretty girl sitting in front of the webcam. She’s wearing a hot black lace bra, and black lace thongs, sitting on the bed with crossed legs so you can look right into her pussy. She’s playing with her hair and boobs a bit while waiting for customers. Usually Eric only watches the girls and jerks off on the requests of other customers, but tonight he feels adventurous. Hesitantly he starts chatting with the girl and her face lights up immediately when she sees she has a customer.

“Hello Squirt Queen”, Eric says.
“Hello there babe”, the girl answers.
“You look really hot. I’m so hard just looking at you.”

sex novelThe girl starts biting her lip and plays with her boobs even more. She goes with her hand down over her belly, to her pussy and slides it into her thong. Eric can see how she is rubbing her clit slowly and he is getting really hard. He takes out his hard cock and starts rubbing it.

“Oh do you like me rubbing my clit? I can do much more for you if you come private”, the girl says.
Eric thinks about it and then agrees. Not soon after the payment, he is in a private session with the girl. It’s just him and her.

“Tell me what you want me to do baby,” the girl says.
“I want to obey you.”
“Is your dick out?”
“Is it hard and wet?”
“It’s hard but not wet.”
“Then I want you to spit on it. Spit on it and then rub it all over your dick. I want it whole wet.”

Eric collects saliva in his mouth and then spits on the head of his dick. He starts rubbing it all over the head and then go down over his shaft, feeling his warm spit going all over his dick.

“Good job, now I want you to squeeze your dick real hard for me while I give you a little show. No rubbing, just a hard squeeze.”

Eric holds the bottom of his shaft in his fist and squeezes as hard as he can. He cringes a bit because it hurts and the blood collects in his dick and makes it red and throbbing….  


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