How to Talk to Girls Online?

How to talk to girls online?

Most people think that today when you have several social networks, internet, chat rooms and of course different places outside where you can meet girls you simply cannot be single. Well people who think like that are not right. Even though online dating and chatting makes everything easier you still need courage to start talking to any girl you like on a particular website.

Although she cannot see you in person you still have to make good first impression, similar to the first impression you make when you are on a first date. You do not want to sound annoying or boring to anyone, especially to the girl you like.

Now if you are into sex topics and you see that she is interested too, even better. Here are some examples of “adult” topics you can bring up when you are chatting with someone.

1. What are you wearing right now?

– This is maybe the most common question and a great way to heat up things. If she understands the point of your question she will probably tell you that she is not wearing anything or that it is something sexy like a negligee or a bra with lace or something similar to that. Ask her what part of clothing makes her look and feel sexy and if she is in a good mood, she may even show it to you. Don’t worry you are not asking too much, this is the type of “innocent question” where nothing is too dirty even for shy girls.

2. How do you usually turn on your guy?

– This is the question that shows off your curiosity but you are not digging too much which is good. If you notice that she is not too open about it or that she doesn’t know how to explain it, you can always ask suggestive questions about it. She will probably slowly relax and in time maybe you will get not only the answer to your question but even more. Who knows maybe you will be turned on very quickly.

3. Would you like to touch me right now?

– Prepare yourself for this because eventually you will get to this point when she will be so relaxed and cool with you that she will wish for you to really kiss her or something more and vice versa. She is now probably sexually aroused and is waiting for you to take the next step which is either actually meeting her in person or telling/doing something that will blow her mind. Think about that question and what you are about to do.

4. Skills and sexual experience

– You have probably assumed that this will be one of those things that you simply have to mention, actually both of you. That is the best way to get to know each other in a sexual way. Ask her how would she rate her skills in bed and how many partners she had in the past. If you personally do not have plenty experience, do not lie to her, she may bust on you.


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